Commercial Services

Welcome to Freddy's Home Landscaping and Fence Services LLC, your premier provider of comprehensive commercial landscaping services in Santa Fe and Albuquerque New Mexico. We specialize in creating and maintaining beautiful, functional outdoor spaces for businesses, with a keen focus on sustainability and client satisfaction.

Choose Freddy's Home Landscaping and Fence Services LLC for your commercial landscaping needs. Our dedication to quality, environmental sustainability, and client satisfaction, coupled with our comprehensive services including leaf clean-up and snow removal, makes us the ideal partner for maintaining and enhancing your commercial outdoor spaces in Santa Fe, NM.


Commercial Landscaping

Our team excels in delivering a full range of landscaping services tailored to the unique needs of commercial properties. We design, install, and maintain landscapes for a variety of commercial clients, including retirement homes and public schools, ensuring each space is both aesthetically pleasing and practical for its users.

Maintenance Services

We understand the importance of keeping commercial landscapes pristine. Our maintenance services cover all aspects of landscape care, including lawn mowing, pruning, weeding, and general upkeep. We ensure your outdoor space remains healthy and attractive throughout the year.


Our xeriscape landscaping solutions are perfect for the Santa Fe climate, offering water-efficient, low-maintenance, and visually stunning designs. This approach is especially beneficial for commercial properties looking to reduce water usage while maintaining beautiful outdoor spaces.

Snow Removal

In addition to our regular landscaping services, we provide seasonal leaf clean-up and snow removal. These services are crucial for maintaining the safety and accessibility of commercial properties, especially during the fall and winter months. Our team is equipped to handle the challenges of seasonal debris and snow, keeping your property safe and presentable.